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What the F.A.Q. is Time Space?

What is Time Space all about?

We are the first co-studying space in the Netherlands. We operate in line with the concept of the sharing economy by utilizing spare capacity of co-workings and offices to create the best study spots for students. Students can book study spots around the town, as well as meeting rooms, participate in our courses and events and expand their network.

Where is it located?

At the moment, we have 5 locations around Utrecht based on demand. The main location - Social Impact Factory is opened on the weekends, 4 times a year during exam times.

Do I need to book in advance or can I just show up?

You don't need to book waaaay to in advance, just on the same day. Check the best offer before heading to Time Space, book the spot online and come!

Can I book a room for a meeting or an event?

Yes! Just follow the steps described here.

What's the deal with drinks and food?

While you study at Time Space, you can drink as much coffee as your nervous system can handle aaall day long. Feel free to bring your own food.

What’s up with the opening hours?

At the moment we only open on the weekends of the exam periods in the main location - Social Impact Factory. For events and special booking, please contact us separately.

How is Time Space different from the library or cafes?

Unlike in the library, you can always get a guaranteed study spot or a project meeting room. And you won’t feel isolated or judged for making noise. Time Space is a more chill and social place but still leaves plenty of space for concentration.

We are cheaper than a café and you never feel pressured to order more and more to stay – we have no waiters and you can get unlimited coffee yourself!

What kind of events and courses do you have?

We have both study-related workshops (e.g. creative writing, procrastination, concentration workshops), language courses, career events, social events (stand up comedy, storytelling nights, language exchange, even parties :) and variety of smaller events throughout the week (meditation breaks, icebreakers, movie screenings, etc). Just keep an eye on our Facebook page to learn about all upcoming events You can even organize your own events – just approach us and pitch your ideas!

Who are the co-founders of Time Space?

We are a team of three young female entrepreneurs from Russia. All three of us studied Economics and Business in the Netherlands, and after graduation dedicated all our time to this project. We are full of enthusiasm and ideas, we are interested in new partnerships and collaborations. So don't hesitate to contact us on info@timespace.nl or simply stop by Time Space, we are always up for a chat :)

Do you have other questions?

Contact our team. We are always up for a chat!

Email: info@timespace.nl

Phone: +31622912893


Address: Vredenburg 40, Utrecht