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A Space Where Studying is Synonymous with Comfort

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Written by Marc de Jong

For a long time, students have been hard-pressed to find their groove when it comes to studying. I know that I definitely have. Being a fourth year student at the Economics faculty, I know first hand that it is much easier to lose sight of your courses, than it is to excel in them. In fact, Time Space may have saved me from losing my motivation to complete my bachelor’s degree entirely - I know you’re out there my fellow students, and I know how it feels.

Enter Time Space. From the moment I first stepped into this blissful environment,  where you can choose to work together with other students or study on your own, to the moment i’m writing this article, I have had nothing but positive experiences here. Be it the opportunities to participate in events and communicate with entrepreneurs, or the sheer fact that studying here is just different. The co-working space is an excellent alternative to get away from the narrow and boring walls of the library or even your own pad, and enter a place where you have an abundance of space, tons of natural light, and unlimited hot beverages. Sorry to mention it again - but hot beverages are great, plain and simple.

If I think about it, I guess what really attracted me to become at first a customer, then a host, and then a full fledged intern at Time Space, was the freedom to be able to study your way, and the creative flexibility that comes with it. Literally, do whatever you want (within the bounds of reason), and bring your friends. There’s no one holding you back from having a conversation to take a break from studying, and you don’t need to break your studying groove entirely and move to a “designated talking-allowed” area. Take a seat on the couch, take a nap in our power nap pod, take in the sights through our huge windows and enjoy the most central location you could ask for - across from Central Station, Hoog Catharijne, and a two minute walk from Oudegracht.

As far as payment goes, you’re not forced to make a commitment, as you can purchase a day pass for €6, a night pass for €4, and have the option to buy subscriptions for a month, three months, or six months. Our subscriptions are priced with steep discounts at €36, €32, and €28 a month, respectively. Accounting for all of the coffee and co-working opportunities you can take advantage of, I always wonder why people don’t get a subscription sooner, but hey, they usually come around.

So, to sum up, Time Space is one of the best things that could have happened for students in the city of Utrecht. With the library enforcing strict Utrecht University-only policies, and libraries getting more full by the year, I can see Time Space becoming an important addition to the student community, especially for those who feel rejected by the university library locations. Less noisy than cafés, but not overly quiet, our locations naturally boost productivity and do what few other places can, make studying something that isn’t like a mountain you have to climb, but rather a peaceful swim in a glacier lake.


Phone: +31622912893


Address: Vredenburg 40, Utrecht