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Updated: Jul 24, 2018

First Time Space location at the Social Impact Factory

We all know that student years are the perfect time to network, absorb knowledge, and….ultimately, in the name of education, leave your cozy comfort zone and be open to all kinds of new experiences.

Students are known to be one of the most dynamic and progressive segments. They stay closely in touch with the modern world, easily adopt new trends, and are full of enthusiasm and new ideas.

If we look at the biggest student city of the Netherlands – Utrecht, we can right away feel that student life is in its DNA. Utrecht is a host to more than 70.000 students, both international and Dutch, and this number keeps growing. The city perfectly reflects the nature of its inhabitants – it is energetic, vibrant and young. New places keep popping up around the city in the matter of months, and sometimes it is even hard to keep track of all the new initiatives around the town.

However, despite its overall spirit, there are number of drawbacks that keep Utrecht from becoming the best student place you could ever imagine. There are numerous majors that Utrecht University offers to its newcomers, which are extremely diverse and multi-directional; however, each faculty remains a comfortable bubble that separates its students from the rest of the university life. A psychology student will hardly ever interact with young IT developers who study on a different campus, and students from Hogeschool Utrecht will not know anything about the events organized by Utrecht School of Arts.

By interacting only with the folks from their own major and participating in events that their own faculty offers, students stay somehow isolated from what Utrecht has to offer and their access to the world of different life views stays limited. The city center library – a unique student hub, does not encourage communication either. You have to be silent there, and the atmosphere creates a feeling of being alone in the crowd. While being in the library you will never even find out that a guy who seems to have trouble concentrating next to you is from Mexico and could help you with your Spanish assignment in 5 minutes, while you as a PHD student could help him with his first year APA-style academic paper at no cost.

We know it, because we have graduated from Utrecht University ourselves and felt like we did not take the most out of the student life Utrecht can offer. That is how the idea of creating a Time Space – a social space for students that would encourage collaboration, exchange of ideas and creative initiatives, came into our minds.

Since September 2017 we’ve been operating in the Social Impact Factory and have been visited by over 2000 students. We were happy to observe how Time Space helped many of you to get studying off the ground, pass exams, network and meet new people or even score jobs by simply being in the same building. The unique mix of entrepreneurs, freelancers and students from various university indeed enables collaboration and opens doors for new perspectives.

We started with a simple concept and had a pilot in one building. By now we have expanded Time Space to 4 different locations in Utrecht and have big plans to spread to the other Dutch students cities or even internationally!

by Masha Moisseyeva

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