• Full coaching of 10 hours = €200 (analysis, method, results).

Proofread <6000 words = €100.

Proofread <12000 words = €160.

Proofread includes academic lanuage and detailed advise on structure.


Coach can help with:


  • Preparing research plan

  • Choosing relevant data/literature

  • Conducting  the analysis:

    • Econometrics (STATA, SPSS)

    • Qualitative methods (e.g. interviews)

  • Structuring and referencing


Proofread includes:


  • English Grammar check

  • Language, structure and content

  • Made by English native speaker


Coaching Process:


Start: Free intake consultation (30 min)


Then: 5 coaching sessions of 2 hours:


  1. First Review of the thesis plan by the coach to select key points for work (e.g. Statistics).
  2. Working session with the coach, fixing and elaborating on the problems identified earlier
  3. Full review of the thesis draft, peer-review, selection of further points for improvements
  4. Second working session, structuring the draft, fixing any 'weak' sections (e.g. Literature)
  5. Final review of the full draft, peer review, identifying any points left to fix or check


Finish: Final proofread on grammar and structure


Before purchase: free intake consultation (30 min):


  • Where do you stand?

  • What are the issues?

  • How can we help?



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