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There is no better help than the one from somebody who has been in your shoes. That is why we found the best recent graduates and asked them to guide you through your thesis writing process. 

Help with Planning

Making a thesis plan is hard. Even harder is sticking to it. We can identify key priorities in your plan and help you to focus your efforts.


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Proofread <6000 words = €120

1 hour of coaching = €4

Proofread <12000 words = €200 

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Make this yours. Add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection.


Make this yours. Add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection.


Make this yours. Add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection.


Make this yours. Add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection.


An individual approach towards every student. 

Central location

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We do NOT write a thesis for you. We help YOU write it


Competitor pricing is at €70/hour.



Thesis Deal "Basic" 

€250 instead €320 - save €70! 

  • Access to all locations until June 30th 

  • 5 hours of coaching

  • Proofread <6000 words (Longer proofread + €50)

  • 20% discount on Braincaps ®

Thesis Deal ‘Cum Laude’

€500 instead €600 - save € 100!

  • Access to all locations until you pass 

  • 10 hours of coaching

  • Proofread <8000 words

  • (Longer proofread up to 12 000 words + €50)

  • 40% discount on Braincaps ®

Create Your Own Deal

Price depending on your needs

  • Fully customizable bundle

  • Adjusting to your needs

  • Get in touch to explore possibilities


our coaches


Mihai Sarfati

My experience as an Econometrics and Statistics teacher at AthenaStudies awards me with practical knowledge in coaching and paying attention to the individual problems that may arise while studying or writing an applied paper.

Quantitive data analysis is one of my strongest points and I will be happy to help every student who is challenged with writing a paper based on quantitive research.  

Thesis Topic:

Corruption in Post-Soviet countries 

Download Mihai's thesis here


Gabriella Muñoz Arenas

I  have a lot of experience in reviewing and helping students with their papers, mainly with questions about the software and argumentation. English is my native language so grammar and structuring an argument are of my key strengths.

I believe a good thesis is able to show, despite the results, that you are a student capable of writing an academic paper, and I am looking forward to helping you with that!

Thesis Topic:

Electric Energy and Economic Growth and Development in Colombia. 

Download Gabriela's thesis here


Ben Sarfati

 As a native English speaker who is strong in grammar and writing, I can help you write a coherent, structured and captivating thesis. I can help you set up a ‘thesis skeleton’, perform efficient research in a clear and limpid way.


With my help, your thesis will become more engaging, clearly-structured with a good representation of data, and will lead the reader to explore the topic on a deep level.

Thesis Topic:

The legality of the ECB’s QE policies 

Download Ben's thesis here

They say..

Time Space  Thesis program has been instrumental in guiding me through the tenuous process of writing my final

Master Thesis.  My coach approached the case with deliberate attention and individual approach!

When I was stuck with my data and statistical part of the Bachelor thesis, one of Time Space coaches helped me with my data sets, explained the logic behind the analysis and helped to interpret the data.

Time Space Thesis Program has helped me develop significantly more efficient writing habits, as well to more fully enjoy my academic writing . The best part is that the coach was a recent graduate so he could relate.


We came up with the most frequently needed package. However that is not ALL we can help with.

 Do you have any other struggles with your thesis? Can't find people to interview, having difficulties approaching companies to conduct your research, need a time management coach or literally...need ANYTHING else?Contact us on and we will do our best to fix things up!

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